Amazon, more than just free 2 day shipping.

You know who Amazon is unless you live under a rock. They are at the forefront of online shopping. They have delivery by drones, groceries to your front door & a plethora of other services. Now Amazon is offering something much bigger, renewable energy.


That is right Amazon is going green in a big way. They have a long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for their global infrastructure footprint.

They are on their way, As of April 2015, approximately 25% of the power consumed by their global infrastructure comes from renewable energy sources. By the end of 2016, they intend to reach 40%.


Now you may be wondering how they are doing this? The answer is Solar & Wind farms. Now I read that and thought, ok their area (west coast) is all about renewable energy and some of the areas have or will shortly have solar or wind power of some sort. What surprised me is that none of these farms are even close to being out west. The closest is Indiana.


You read that right, Amazon is bringing renewable energy east with 3 Solar and 1 wind farm. The existing Solar farms are in Benton, Indiana & Pasquotank Counties, North Carolina. The wind farm is in Accomack County, Virginia. The newest Solar farm will be built right in ShaleMart’s backyard Paulding County, Ohio.


At least for Ohio this new energy source is following new infrastructure as well. They have added 3 data centers in Ohio. So they are not only adding business but renewable energy. Which means jobs, the wind farm alone is a $200 million dollar investment in Ohio.


That investment in Ohio and in other eastern states as well could be the start of more renewable energy in these areas. Could Ohio be the next California? A hub for tech and energy? We will have to see, it could all start with Amazon.


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But you will still have to include rebalenwe energy in your searches because it is part of the whole gamut of a still wider and unfolding field and so you will have to include in your searches solar energy and natural resources as well because, after all, the whole purpose of harnessing wind energy is to produce electricity and to support engineering involved in designing and manufacturing wind-availing technologies. Look to those schools located in the Mid-west and west coast where the greatest wind forces are located Kansas, Oklahoma, for example, and California and find what degree programs they are founding and that are underway.

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