"A Craigslist-type Marketplace For The Oil and Gas Worker?"

Canton OH- With the current downturn in the oil and gas marketplace, many workers find themselves without a job in the short run. Most of these workers have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the "tools of the trade", namely fire-resistive clothing known as Frackwear. 

AllShaleGear.com (a division of ShaleMart.com, the large online directory) has created a marketplace where these displaced workers can post and sell their stuff. AllShaleGear does not take a commission, so the seller gets 100% of the proceeds. " No fee, list for free" is their tagline...

"I saw that many of these guys had invested heavily in the gear for their new job, and now are laid off. Many might not return to the field, so I wanted to give them an opportunity to connect with other workers and to be able to convert their stuff to cash", said Eric J Reiss, one of the founders of ShaleMart.com.

With the cyclical nature of the oil patch, many still-employed workers wills seize upon the opportunity to pick up some spare gear at a fraction of the cost of new items. Reiss also mentioned AllShaleGear provides a marketplace where retailers of new merchandise can also list their products (for a fee of course).

"Most of the retailers of frackwear are local stores that lack an online presence. We give them a virtual store where they can sell their wares."

Parent company ShaleMart.com also has a large news database where subscribers can get the latest information on developments in the oil and gas industry, with an emphasis on the shale play.