Going Towards the Light

In recent articles online, it had been stated that GE is going to stop producing compact fluorescent lights. Those are the ones that look “coiled” so to speak. Now you may be shocked by that. You thought they were the go to bulb. That you should be using those because they are more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent's. Well that is no longer the case. It is bye bye CFL and hello LED. Let me tell you why.


  • LED’s are more energy efficient.


  • They are now cheap enough that buying them makes sense. Before they were drastically more expensive than CFL’s. Now the price has evened out.


  • They are safer. CFL’s use poisonous chemicals like mercury to generate light.


  • LED’s are a gateway to a smarter & more energy efficient home.


LED’s are the lightbulb of the future. Incandescent is still out there because it is cheap, and it will always be the cheapest option. But it is not the best option. We thought CFL’s were great because they lasted 8 times as long as an incandescent. Imagine one that lasts 50 times as long? That is the LED! Another amazing fact is how much energy it puts out and how much it actually uses to put that out. An LED bulb that puts out 60w of light is only using 6-8w to make that light.


Imagine the energy savings! In the next year you are going to see these come in to every home and probably in your own home. The energy savings are worth paying the little extra for them.

I want to tell you about my first hand experience with LED bulbs. I had a CFL bulbs in my kitchen and last week one of them went out and started smoking. They run so hot and it was leaking fumes. That was it for me, I went and bought all new LED bulbs. I have eight in my kitchen. What a difference. They run so cool & the light is better, honestly.


So do you have CFL’s in your home? Are you going to try LED bulbs? Let us know which bulbs you think are best! Comment below.


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