Keystone is Dead

"The State Department has decided that the Keystone XL pipeline would not serve the national interest of the United States," Obama said in a 10-minute announcement at the White House with Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Biden.


This happened last Friday and it’s effect will be felt for long after those 10 mins. This project  has been 7 years in the making and effects not one but two countries. And needless to say a lot of people are not happy about it. Here are some quotes about what people are saying.


  • Transcanada said it remains "absolutely committed" to the project. "We will review our options to potentially file a new application for border-crossing authority to ship our customer's crude oil, and will now analyze the stated rationale for the denial," said company CEO Russ Girling.


  • "President Obama today demonstrated that he cares more about kowtowing to green-collar elitists than he does about creating desperately needed, family-supporting, blue-collar jobs," said Terry O’Sullivan, the general president of the the Laborers’ International Union of North America.


  • "The Obama administration's politically motivated rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline is a self-inflicted attack on the U.S. economy and jobs," said former Florida governor Jeb Bush, R-Fla.


Obama even downplayed the significance and importance of the decision, saying the project had an "over-inflated role in our political discourse." The pipeline, he said, was neither a "silver bullet for the economy" nor "the express lane to climate disaster." I don’t think people thought it was going to be the next “oil boom” but regardless it would have created a lot of jobs. And it absolutely has a role in political discourse. It was a huge issue that frames the way our country's energy is heading. We have a lot of new energy path’s we can take and the leader’s of this nation have to choose which path is best.


But we don’t need to talk about that do we? It doesn’t need to play a big role?


I believe more people will be upset over that comment than the actual pipeline. That project was part of our energy future, and that is important and needs to be talked about. If you reject something as big as that pipeline you better have a better direction to take us in.

What do you think? Was this a big loss or a step in the right direction? We want your opinion. Let’s get the conversation started!


If you are "honestly" looking for an opinion here is mine. As an environmentalist and around this business I am conflicted. The pipeline, I believe, would contribute to oil sand extration that is dirty and energy inefficient. At the same time, shipping oil by rail has environmental dangers of its own. So extracting oil in this way, not so good. Shipping by rail, not so good. Taking people's land, not so good. Shipping through a pipeline, much safer. A big job producer? Maybe for Canada, not really for the USA. I just remain conflicted.

We need heavy crude to blend with the ultra light crude and condensate we are finding! Lets stop importing Saudi heavy crude. Canada is our friend and neighbor, also, the Chinese will get it if we do not.

We are honestly looking for opinions! Thank you for yours! We are looking for the people's opinion on these issues, and we want to bring you the latest energy news. Thank you for your comment.

Kind of makes you wonder if Obama secretly on side of Big Oil on this one...Think about it: With an oversupply of gas and oil right now, why take actions to increase the supply and depress prices further? Let the shortage come back, prices rise (more profits), and then revisit the pipeline issue when people are screaming about $100+ per barrel oil prices. Just a thought...

Obama does not like anything that is good for America and our friends he is self serving he thinks he is the smart guy in the room, maybe so if the room is empty left alone he may destroy himself.

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