Leaking Information

Bloomberg just published an article about an invisible spill that is happening in Southern  California. This spill is a steady stream of natural gas seeping out of the pipe casing in a well in Southern California that may spew as much greenhouse gas into the air as a half-million cars do in a year. You can not see it but it is there. It is going to cost Sempra Energy from San Diego around $900 million to clean this up. Meanwhile hundreds of people are having to evacuate from the area for safety and health concerns.

Now you may think, it’s California, they are enviro freaks out there and they are making a big deal about this and it is not as bad as it seems? What if I told you that there are wells in Ohio that are leaking, that are spilling over 20 gasses into the air? Would you believe me?


Wonder if you could see it for yourself?


Do you believe me now? That video is from a company called EarthWorks. They have a $100,000 thermal imaging camera that can detect 20 different gases. They have taken this camera to California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, and last but not least Ohio. They have 8 videos so far from Ohio and are reported to be releasing more.

Now they have said what they are seeing in Ohio are not significant emissions. Still it is a little startling when you see the videos. Especially when they cut back to what our eyes see and there is nothing. Makes you wonder what else they will catch with their videos.


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