Ohio vs. Nexus - Update


We have a update on the Nexus Pipeline courtesy of Fox 8 News. So it seems this pipeline is still on track. Do you think it will be derailed like Keystone or keep moving? Let us know!


The company planning to build a $2 billion gas pipeline across northern Ohio has applied for federal approval, citing a projected surge in production in eastern Ohio and surrounding states and an expected demand for gas from electric utility companies.

NEXUS Gas Transmission hopes to have the pipeline ready to transport gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale fields by November 2017.

Opponents say they will continue their fight to have the pipeline rerouted from populated areas to farmland.

NEXUS wants to build 255 miles of 36-inch pipeline — 208 miles in Ohio and 47 in Michigan — from eastern Ohio to a large gas facility in Ontario, Canada. The pipeline's capacity is 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, enough for 15,000 homes for a year.



So if you live in Ohio or southern Michigan for that matter, you will have heard of the Nexus Pipeline. The Nexus Pipeline is a proposed 42″ or 36″ Diameter High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipeline starting in Kensington, Ohio traveling northwest through Toledo and Michigan to the Dawn, Ontario storage facility hub.


Here is a quick summary of the project:

  • about 200 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Columbiana, Stark, Summit, Wayne, Medina, Loraine, Erie, Sandusky, Wood, Lucas, and Fulton counties, Ohio;
  • about 50 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Lenawee, Monroe, and Washtenaw counties, Michigan;
  • about 1.2 miles of new 36-inch-diameter interconnecting pipeline 3 in Columbiana and Carroll counties, Ohio;
  • about 0.2 mile of new 30-inch diameter interconnecting pipeline in Columbiana County, Ohio;
  • installation of up to 130,000 horsepower (hp) of compression at four new gas turbine compressor stations, one each in Columbiana, Medina, Sandusky, and Lucas counties, Ohio;
  • a total of 4 metering and regulation stations, three in Columbiana County, Ohio and one in Washtenaw County, Michigan; and various launchers, receivers, mainline valves, and other appurtenant facilities at assorted locations along the planned system in Ohio and Michigan.


Texas Eastern is proposing to construct the following Project components:

  • about 4.5 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas loop pipeline 4 in Monroe County, Ohio;
  • one new compressor station with 18,800 hp in Columbiana County, Ohio;
  • additional 9,400 hp of compression and piping modifications at one existing compressor station (Colerain Compressor Station) in Belmont County, Ohio; and
  • launchers, receivers, and various piping modifications at 2 existing regulating and receiver sites in Monroe County, Ohio.


This project has caused a lot of controversy especially in Ohio. There are a lot of people who do not want the pipeline on or near their land. They claim the pipeline is unsafe, will cause air & water pollution, will drive property values down and will strip people of their land ownership.

People are fighting to keep the surveyors off their land. However their will is being blocked by the courts. In Lorain County there is a restraining order for residents who are trying to block the surveyors from their land. Then in Medina County the courts once again ruled in favor of the pipeline. They ruled that the surveyors have the right to enter their properties without permission.

As the fight continues, which side are you on? Have you been directly affected from this? We want to hear from you! Are you for the pipeline or against it?

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