Ohio vs. Nexus - Update


We have a update on the Nexus Pipeline courtesy of Fox 8 News. So it seems this pipeline is still on track. Do you think it will be derailed like Keystone or keep moving? Let us know!


The company planning to build a $2 billion gas pipeline across northern Ohio has applied for federal approval, citing a projected surge in production in eastern Ohio and surrounding states and an expected demand for gas from electric utility companies.

NEXUS Gas Transmission hopes to have the pipeline ready to transport gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale fields by November 2017.

Opponents say they will continue their fight to have the pipeline rerouted from populated areas to farmland.

NEXUS wants to build 255 miles of 36-inch pipeline — 208 miles in Ohio and 47 in Michigan — from eastern Ohio to a large gas facility in Ontario, Canada. The pipeline's capacity is 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, enough for 15,000 homes for a year.



So if you live in Ohio or southern Michigan for that matter, you will have heard of the Nexus Pipeline. The Nexus Pipeline is a proposed 42″ or 36″ Diameter High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipeline starting in Kensington, Ohio traveling northwest through Toledo and Michigan to the Dawn, Ontario storage facility hub.


Here is a quick summary of the project:

  • about 200 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Columbiana, Stark, Summit, Wayne, Medina, Loraine, Erie, Sandusky, Wood, Lucas, and Fulton counties, Ohio;
  • about 50 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline in Lenawee, Monroe, and Washtenaw counties, Michigan;
  • about 1.2 miles of new 36-inch-diameter interconnecting pipeline 3 in Columbiana and Carroll counties, Ohio;
  • about 0.2 mile of new 30-inch diameter interconnecting pipeline in Columbiana County, Ohio;
  • installation of up to 130,000 horsepower (hp) of compression at four new gas turbine compressor stations, one each in Columbiana, Medina, Sandusky, and Lucas counties, Ohio;
  • a total of 4 metering and regulation stations, three in Columbiana County, Ohio and one in Washtenaw County, Michigan; and various launchers, receivers, mainline valves, and other appurtenant facilities at assorted locations along the planned system in Ohio and Michigan.


Texas Eastern is proposing to construct the following Project components:

  • about 4.5 miles of new 36-inch-diameter natural gas loop pipeline 4 in Monroe County, Ohio;
  • one new compressor station with 18,800 hp in Columbiana County, Ohio;
  • additional 9,400 hp of compression and piping modifications at one existing compressor station (Colerain Compressor Station) in Belmont County, Ohio; and
  • launchers, receivers, and various piping modifications at 2 existing regulating and receiver sites in Monroe County, Ohio.


This project has caused a lot of controversy especially in Ohio. There are a lot of people who do not want the pipeline on or near their land. They claim the pipeline is unsafe, will cause air & water pollution, will drive property values down and will strip people of their land ownership.

People are fighting to keep the surveyors off their land. However their will is being blocked by the courts. In Lorain County there is a restraining order for residents who are trying to block the surveyors from their land. Then in Medina County the courts once again ruled in favor of the pipeline. They ruled that the surveyors have the right to enter their properties without permission.

As the fight continues, which side are you on? Have you been directly affected from this? We want to hear from you! Are you for the pipeline or against it?


Nexus is an ill-thought out project running through the most populated counties in Ohio, to take our natural resource to Canada instead of being used for the benefit of the residents of Ohio. Nexus is abusing it's powers to force their will down our throats.

I totally agree.

Sorry Joe, but you need to do more research. The Nexus pipeline involves Spectra Energy and DTE Energy as the primary project developers who have already lined up local natural gas distributors to provide gas to meet residential, commercial, and industrial demands. With annual taxes increasing an estimated $50 million, Ohio residents will benefit directly while decreasing the annual cost to heat their homes. More supply means decrease in price. Economics 101.The pipeline provides the highway for gas transportation from kensington gas processing plant to willow run in MI and users ALONG THE WAY and yes Ontario. Infrastructure today means opportunity for economic growth tomorrow. the fact that natural gas will make its way from the Utica/Marcellus into Canada is a pro not con. More infrastructure within Ohio means an increase in oil and gas production. Meaning more jobs, more severance tax revenue, etc. Nexus is the aftershock felt from Ohio's decreasing dependency of coal energy. Do you want increased coal plant activity within your state in order to meet electricity demands in January/Feb or the clean energy provided by natural gas?

Anthony, Wow, you've been drinking the Kool-Aid. There will only be temporary jobs, minimal tax revenues, and a whole lot of people and their private property put at risk. Spectra's safety record is near the bottom of the industry. Nexus does not have any Ohio customers for their gas, only some in Chicago and Michigan.

Really? If that's the case Anthony....let them put the pipeline through your property...which we are all sure your far away and safe from it. As for jobs...there will be only low level jobs if that. To put in such a pipeline they will need skilled workers who do this for a living and not residents of Medina. Sort of like Carnies traveling with the carnivals...these workers will be traveling with the pipeline work...so you can forget that jobs BS -- no one is buying it. Cheaper gas prices? Oh please...spare us this line of bull too. Nexus can re-route this pipeline...we do NOT want it in Medina.

Gee, Tony, Nexus has already lied in some of the propaganda snail mail about their alleged customers in Ohio. It's been MONTHS since NRG Power announced they would not tie into the Nexus pipeline, yet Nexus waves that tidbit under the ruse of jobs, jobs, jobs. Tony, be sure to write here in a couple years and give us a list of your relatives and friends that got long term jobs as a direct result of this pipeline, mmmkay?

This pipeline is a private for profit company (SPectra-Energy) taking Natural Gas from Ohio and shuttling it to Canada for use by is subsidiary Union Gas to heat the homes of Canadians. So we have Canadian benefactors stealing American Citizens property for their gas. Sounds unjust huh? Top it off there is NO NEED or PURPOSE for Nexus to decimate NE Ohio with this ticking time bomb. Wake up Ohio....

as a landowner this was horrific experience we ended up selling our farm after spending a year trying to fight the pipeline thru town trustees County commissioners, thru coalition group, ect. we had to sell our horses and farm equipment, ect....because we felt hopeless against Nexus....our grown kids said get out while you can we do not want the farm with the gas line on or next to it. Nexus lies and is sneaky and cannot be trusted. Put it on the CORN Route that does not affect as many people or put it one peoples property who want it....this ruined our life.

It is unconscionable that any LLC can call itself a utility and take my property at will. The Taliban could do the same here in Ohio

This is a terrible idea! There are many good reasons for Ohio to just say no to this! We have lots to loose and nothing to gain. It is wrong and I do NOT approve in the least! We need to fight for our rights!

I am so against this, it's running through fruit orchards, farmland and private property. Find a new way or make it go away!

This is not about a pipeline, it's about property rights. Do we in the united States own the property we've bought, worked, paid for, developed, and raised our kids and animals on or is it for sale to the first for profit private company that wants to take our from us. In Ohio so far, it looks like the later. The politicians on Columbus and many judges are simply handing over the rights of property owners to a for profit private company. It's us today, it could be you tomorrow. Stand up and stop it.

We moved to this property 17 years ago, sinking our long saved, hard earned money into a home/property we could be proud to live out our lives in/on. We are surrounded by forest that brings comfort to us and our many animals. That is now threatened to be destroyed by a self seeking, profit making Nexus. There is no reason to run a life-threatening pipeline through our forest and our neighbors backyards, where children play, horses are ridden and wildlife is protected. Our forest is a sanctuary for bats and birds, deer and a multitude of other small animals. Our Civil Rights are being attacked when Nexus has been given an alternative route that will not threaten bedroom communities, schools and churches. Our land and water supply will inevitably be poisoned, therefore, we will be poisoned. Do our lives mean nothing to Nexus? Obviously not! You are ruining our chance for a peace-full retirement. Why the government allows this destruction of Civil Rights is beyond my comprehension. WE DO NOT WANT YOU ON OUR PROPERTY, OR IN OUR LIVES.

The proposed Nexus pipeline route goes through residential areas, including the backside of my property. It is to close to residences, which is very dangerous. It will have a detrimental impact on property values. Nexus has intimidated people, by threats of legal action to get what they want. This scares most people. The pipeline enriches Nexus (primarily its executives and shareholders) at the expense of ordinary people, whose property values are reduced. This is for gas being transported to Canada, and ultimately for export to other countries.

This pipeline is proposed to be sited far too close to homes and other occupied buildings for a large capacity, high-pressure pipeline of explosively flammable material. Because of this hazard it also would drastically harm the economic welfare of and property values of the affected property owners, far beyond any compensation likely to be awarded by the courts, and would seriously endanger a number of historic sites and century-old family farms. If built at all it should be re-sited across far less populated lands, and full compensation should be assured for any loss of value.

As a landowner in Medina County, I have been greatly affected by this pipeline nightmare. The City of Green Reroute was filed with FERC, March, 2015. The reroute is 70% less impactful than the current proposed Nexus route, adding only 9.9 miles. It's a no-brainer! Reroute this uninvited hazard.

I am a landowner in Medina, Oh. I have been greatly affected by this nightmare. The City of Green filed a superior reroute with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), March, 2015. The route is 70% less impactful than current route proposed by Nexus. Reroute this uninvited hazard. It's a no brainer. The Coalition to Reroute Nexus supports the City of Green reroute.

Nexus doesn't care about the people all they care about is the money they are going to make from selling our gas to Canada. The property values will drop drastically and personally I don't understand why the mortgage companies and banks aren't getting involved. If my property value drops from say $ 150,000 to $ 50,000 you think I am going to pay the $ 135,000 I still owe? NOT. I will walk let the bank have it. Also if the home values drop then so should your local taxes. My property taxes should be on the homes new value. Therefore the cities are going to loose money too. I was one of those people who went to court in Summit County and let me tell you what a waste. My husband and I each received a cord of paper from the hearing. Big waste by the court systems. You would think that all the money Nexus is spending in court costs that they would use the money to re-route CORNS proposal. {My understanding is they don't like CORNS re-route because it would costs more money.} Nexus has harassed us since the beginning and nobody does anything about it. They tell us to hire an attorney. REALLY? WITH WHAT MONEY ? If Nexus wants to build a pipeline then they should have to pay for the land to install it on and pay for the land that lies within the blast zone 1500 feet all the way around. I was all for the re-route to get this thing more than 100 feet from my bed but after what Nexus has put us threw I am totally against the pipeline period. Stay the hell away from my property NEXUS !!!

Nexus has yet to answer our questions. The simple question "Please tell what the benefit is to me?" has gone unanswered. We have been bullied, harassed, laughed at and treated unfairly. We have caught a surveyor trespassing on our land with our deer cameras. They are unethical and don't know anything about marketing or selling anything to anyone. Our property rights are being violated. The worst part is they will make billions of dollars FOREVER using my land but I get to pay the property tax on the 33 acres FOREVER. The "amount" of compensation that we have heard won't cover the mess they leave behind. I can't build my house on my own land for fear of where this pipeline will run. The way they have approached this pipeline is SO wrong. SALES and MARKETING 101 would be a good starting point for NEXUS. Damage is done now and they are in bully damage control mode. Nexus like many in government think that we are stupid but in fact the opposite is true. We will fight for our rights using the law, class and our education unlike Nexus.

The proposed NEXUS project has been an absolute nightmare for all the "stakeholders" in its path since the moment we were informed this potential bomb could be buried next to our homes. I never imagined that I'd be forced to step away from my children, family and friends, my REAL LIFE, for over a year to defend my home and community from a private corporation threatening eminent domain! My heart breaks for Jim and Laurie in the previous comment, as well as the other families trying to escape this NEXUS nightmare before it's too late. The NEXUS pipeline will dramatically drop our property values and jeopardize our safety. There will be NO benefit to outweigh the risks, unless you're Spectra Energy, of course! The Coalition to Reroute Nexus(CORN) and the City of Green have mapped out a very sensible route that would significantly reduce NEXUS' impact, but NEXUS refuses to budge. Apparently, 36" high-pressure pipelines should traverse our populated Ohio suburbs, full of children, schools, and churches, if that will help line the pockets of Texas-based Spectra Energy.

We have a beautiful home in a setting of trees and flowering gardens. The proposed Nexus Pipeline will run next to our home from the front to the back 435 feet. We have nothing to gain and everything to lose. This could have been resolved already with Nexus accepting the Green Proposed Reroute.. The people for Nexus making decisions should be fired. They are bringing so much NEGATIVE attention to their company that iit will cost their stockholders much more money than the Green Proposed Reroute.

As a landowner, I am concerned about the physical danger presented by the blast zone that a pipeline of this size might pose should it ever explode. Damage to the pipeline itself might also happen over time due to the extremely cold temperatures that can occur during winter (-24 degrees F. in 2015), and frost heaving during the spring that could lead to leakage into the air or water supply.

This pipeline will run right between my 87 year old mother's house and her neighbors, with only 75 ft to spare on each side.This is wat too close. There is a much better route to follow further south that will imp[act far fewer homes and businesses. NEXUS is undermining the safety of our community for the sake of profits.

This pipeline is a nightmare we could never have imagined. We bought our home in Green over 36 years ago, raising our family in a great community and it sickens us to think that laws favoring corporate greed can trump our rights as property owners. If built as proposed by Nexus, the pipeline would cause irreparable damage and be an ever-present danger in the heart of the city. This doesn't even make sense when the City of Green has proposed an alternate route only a few miles away, which would still allow the pipeline to be built, but would pose less of a threat to homes, schools, churches and businesses. We do not want this pipeline in Green.

Nexus could not believe that we did not want a high pressure gas pipeline 40 feet from our house and they could not understand that we were upset that their 50 foot easement would take 1/4 of our property which is only 1.8 acres! Most people assume pipelines are only run through large tracts of farmland...not true! This is not just about running a pipeline.....this is a property rights issue! Stand up Ohio!

Nexus started out by piggybacking off Dominions pipe replacement project trying to make people think this was Dominion's project. When refused access to our properties then the pressure started. Nexus got to the point in their harassment that they came with armed thugs to intimidate us out of our property rights. They propose a route that dangerously undermines spillways of two large lakes in Green that if compromised could flood a large portion of New Franklin all of the city of Clinton and large areas of Massillon. Nimisila lake was on a watch list by the Army Corp. of Engineers due to leaks in the dam. The people that have new gas wells on their properties will make 100's of thousands of dollars, the pipeline company will make billions shipping our gas out of our country possibly to terrorists, we as property holders may get a few thousand and have to live with the damaged property and danger of death for the rest of our lives. After Nexus has devalued, defaced and destroyed our properties taxes will not go down unless we can prove a substantial loss in property value so the very government that is selling our rights will be determining if we have lost anything. There are bad laws that need changed to keep up with the way the voting public feels about our rights of life liberty and the persuit of happiness, and the right to feel secure in our own homes.

The proposed pipeline is to run through the end of my dead end street - less than 1500 feet from my home and from Nimisila Reservoir, which doesn't even allow gas motors on the reservoir. It is home to the migration patter of purple martins - and the area has been designated the Purple Martin capital of Ohio. There are thousands of birds, fish, and small animals that populate the area as well as hard working families. The city of Green has proposed an alternate route that does not affect as many homeowners, schools, and designated wildlife preserves. Nexus has fought to insist that property owners allow them to survey their lands and have threatened eminent domain appropriation, even though our founding fathers were very clear about the right of individuals to own property and have control of the same. This pipeline is not going to help us...it will make billions for the stockholders. And if it should explode, it will kill everything within a half mile! I totally oppose the Nexus pipeline through the city of Green.

For a corporation who seemingly prides themselves in caring about stakeholders, Spectra Energy sure is a cutthroat bunch. The way they've treated proerty owners along the proposed route is abominable. They answer no questions, they provide no accurate information to stakeholders. All they're good for is bullying for property access and serving citizens with lawsuits. Don't trust them, never did, never will. As far as I'm concerned they can stay in Texas, and take their attorneys with them. Stay off my land, Nexus. Seriously.

If the pipeline is installed using the current routing, in the City Of Green area, it will cross through a Technical school and within 2 miles of three other schools. It will also run through soccer fields, wetlands and many more areas that are highly populated. There has been an alternate route proposed which would affect thousands of less people. Although it may cost Nexus a bit more to re-route, they will more than make up the difference with the amount of revenue it will obtain. Properties in this area will fall well below market value and real estate transactions will be at a minimal as no one would want to buy a house anywhere near a pipeline. This project was not completely thought through with any consideration to the people it might effect. Only what type of profit could be made.

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