Small Town, Big Impact

Carroll County Ohio is 10 off from being the smallest county in Ohio, population wise. Size does not matter to them, they are number 1 in Utica Shale in Ohio. They have the top spot in wells drilled and producing wells. 431 and 363, respectively. Carroll County is the energy giant you have never heard about, or maybe you have.


Either way, they are going to be on top again. This time they are leading the pack in the new age of Natural Gas. Natural gas powered electricity! All made possible by Shale production. Ohio is going away from coal powered power plants to natural gas ones. For the first time in U.S. history, natural gas is powering more than coal.


Carroll county as well as the rest of Ohio is keeping with that trend. The start of the trend is the $899 million gas fired power plant being built by Carroll County Energy in you guessed it, Carroll County. It is a 700-megawatt plant that is already under construction at the 77-acre site off state Route 9 about 2½ miles north of Carrollton. That’s enough electricity to power 750,000 houses. The plant scheduled to begin operations in December 2017.


This plant is a game changer, not only providing cleaner power, but jobs and an economy boost. That boost will be felt throughout all of Ohio not just in Carroll County. The boosts will continue with 5 more gas-fired plants that will be built, converted or expanded to produce natural gas powered electricity in Ohio, all by private companies.


The future of Natural Gas in America looks bright. Carroll County and the rest of Ohio seem to be shining. Will it last? Is this the future of american energy? I think this is not just a trend, but a fact, natural gas is here to stay.


What do you think? Are you in one of these booming areas? Do you live in Carroll County? We want to hear from you!


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