Senior Subsea Engineer

Rowan Companies plc
Gulf of Mexico

Position Summary

The Senior Subsea Engineer is in charge of the Subsea Department on board their assigned vessel. He/she is responsible for coordinating the safe and efficient Subsea operations of the vessel.
Position Scope (shall include but not limited to)
The Senior Subsea Engineer has responsibility for installing, monitoring, troubleshooting, maintaining and repairing well-control related equipment, mechanical and hydraulic as (but not limited to) the BOP stack and controls, choke and kill manifold and piping, riser systems, compensating equipment as CMC and MRT?s and all related piping, valves and control mechanisms.
He/she communicates regularly with other departments (ET, drilling, marine) as well as the OIM/Master, client and onshore field support to ensure maximum efficiency and preservation of the subsea related assets onboard.
Reporting Relationships
Direct Manager/Supervisor - Drilling Superintendent
Note: As the head of the Subsea Department, the Senior Subsea Engineer has a privileged relationship with the client representative onboard regarding related subsea issues.
Supervisory Relationships
The Senior Subsea Supervisor has two direct reports:
Subsea Engineer
Assistant Subsea Engineer
Qualifications and Experience
High school or diploma or equivalent.
Technical (mechanics / hydraulics) qualification /license (desirable).
A minimum of 5 years experience in the Subsea Department.
Fluent English communication skills, both written and oral.
Compliance with Rowan training matrix for the Senior Subsea Supervisor.


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Comply with the company's Code of Conduct and supporting policies, standards and applicable process documentation.
Comply with and effectively contribute to the continuous improvement of Rowan?s Management System (RMS), Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) related policies and procedures, and relevant authority regulatory requirements.
Effectively participate in the Stop Observe Act Report (SOAR) program and encourage active participation
Perform all work according to agreed expectations of both internal and external customers, focus on doing things right first time, every time and contribute actively to continual improvement activities.
Act as a safety leader ensuring the ongoing identification of hazards and the implementation of controls to manage the associated risks with a special focus on Permit to Work and Isolation Procedures.
Develop, train and mentor subordinates and newly appointed team members.
Plan and supervise running and pulling the Riser and BOP as operations permit.
Plan and supervise the maintenance of well control related equipment including the BOP, Control System, Marine Riser and Tensioning System, the CMC/ AHC, Choke Manifold and the High Pressure Air System onboard. Ensure equipment is maintained in a safe and reliable condition and repair if required, while ensuring that only OEM tools and parts are used.
Carry out regular testing of the BOP and Control System including function and pressure testing operations. These must comply with company policy and safety procedures/ regulations.
Plan and supervise the operation and maintenance of subsea auxiliary equipment onboard (i.e. running tools, BOP Cranes, X-Mas Tree and BOP Transporters).
Monitor the inventory of all spares and operating fluids (ensuring the correct component/ model and sizing) required for all subsea related equipment onboard.
Keep replacement parts at an optimum stock level; Spot check inventory levels.
Coordinate planning and execution of preventative maintenance with a minimum of 6-week overview to cover current hitch and half of back-to-back hitch, keeping an updated and accurate historical record of all maintenance done as well as all equipment certification documents.
Comprehend engineering drawings and hydraulic schematics. If any alterations are required, obtain confirmation and coordinate changes through the OIM/Master and Chief Engineer.
Properly investigate equipment failure and propose solutions to prevent recurrence.
Openly communicate with all departments, client and service partners as required.
Performs all subsea calculations including Riser Space-out, MRT Ton Cycles, Riser Tension calculations, Subsea Useable Fluid Capacities, etc.
Develop and implement Work Instructions and conduct Safety Audits as operations permits.
Perform or witness measurements of service partner-provided subsea related equipment prior to submersion, and ensure capability with equipment to which it may be connected.
Clearly and accurately communicate work status at end of shift and end of hitch handovers.
Key Behavioral Attributes
Safety and team oriented.
Enthusiastic, self motivated, dynamic and a proactive attitude.
Always promotes the company?s interest in a positive manner.
Commitment, leadership and accountability especially in HSE matters.
Actively train, coach subordinates to ensure readiness for the next promotion/position by monitoring their performance and carrying out efficient appraisals as often as required.