Sr. Technical Lead

NALCO Champion, An Ecolab Company
Laurel , MS

Job Overview:
In this role, the incumbent will have a major role in supporting Sales/Account Representatives through problem solving skills, product development, and recommendation writing, while providing a gateway of communication to Research and Development Technical Representatives provide support to Research and Development by communicating field needs and sharing ideas of advancing technology.

Territory/Location Information: This position is based in Laurel, MS

Main Responsibilities:

* Prioritization of Projects and/or RFP Type Work within the Southern Rockies with Sales, Customers, & Technical Reps - efficiently direct traffic

* Possesses excellent "People Skill Sets"

* Self Motivated - a Self-Starter - Demonstrates Initiative

* A Team Player

* A Leader

* Works closely & collaborates well with the Sr. Tech Lead - South Rockies & the Rocky Mt. Regional Technical Manager

* Helps set Yearly Goals for Tech Reps directly reporting to the qualified individual

* Helps set & complete quarterly SIP Compensation for Tech Reps directly reporting to the qualified individual

* Seeks to provide the necessary "Training" that each Tech Rep "Needs" for improvement

* Drives "Safety" as a leader and for all of the individual's direct Tech Rep reports

* Participates in "Major" customer meeting discussions

* An excellent "DAILY Communicator" - to Sales, Customers, Tech Reps, Peers, & Manager

* Drives/Guides "Projects & RFP Type Work" to completion - on time/every time

* Helps enter/approve "Major Projects" into the GTSR System- if needed

* Participates in yearly CapEX and OpEX Budgets

* Has a natural "Problem Solving Apitude"

* Is an "Excellent Listener" with manager, co-workers, peers, and customers

* Exhibits strong work ethic and is consistently reliable/dependable

* Demonstrates & Shows consistent interest, willingness to learn, exuberance to grow the business and asks questions

* Very knowledgable of current Product Line and it's Applications

* Treats people with respect, dignity, and courtesy at all times

* "Professional"

* Participates & Contributes at Regional Sales Team Meetings

* Establishes excellent working relationships with both "Marketing" and "RD & E" Personal

* Understands customers' businnes and requirements

* Understands and Aligns direct Tech Rep reports to Global, Regional & Local "Must Keep/Must Win" Customers

* Drives weekly/quarterly "Value Spreadsheets" to completion and visability to Sales Management Team in the Region

Basic Qualifications:

5+ years' experience in a Technical Role in the Oil and Gas or Chemical arena
College degree (B.S. in Chemistry, Biology Chemical, Petroleum Engineering or related fields).