Solar Power - The Growing Technology


Ending gloriously with a colorful flight formation from the Spanish Patrulla Águila, Bertrand Piccard landed in Seville at 5:38AM UTC, 7:38AM C2ET, 1:38AM EDT on June 23rd after completing the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Update June 20, 2016

The Big Freeze in Ohio - Update

For once Ohio and freeze are in the same sentence and it is not about the weather. I am talking about the renewable energy freeze. The 2 year renewable energy freeze that Gov. Kasich signed into law in 2014.

Making Waves

The oceans generate enough energy for us to give up coal and gas completely, but no one has been able to harness it effectively. However it doesn’t mean we haven’t be trying to. Hydropower has been around for a long time. Let’s go over a brief history of it.


Not a Slump for Some

2015 was not a good year for a lot of people in the Oil & Gas industry. Prices dropped, rigs closed, towns emptied and jobs were lost. This industry has seen better days that is for sure.

The Trade Off

On March 31, PUCO ( Public Utilities Commission of Ohio ) approved proposals by AEP and FirstEnergy to guarantee income for certain power plants, accepting their arguments that the seven coal plants and one nuclear plant should be subsidized by ratepayers because the benefits outweigh the potenti

The First of Their Kind

In March 2016 Oregon became the nation's first state to completely do away with coal. Governor Kate Brown signed a bill to get rid of all coal generated energy by 2030. Now if that wasn't enough the bill also doubles the state’s standards for renewable energy.

The Rise & Fall

Last week the Oil & Gas industry lost one of the giants. Aside from some of the controversial things he may have done Aubrey McClendon was the face of the Shale boom. He also is the face of the Shale downturn.

Small Town, Big Impact

Carroll County Ohio is 10 off from being the smallest county in Ohio, population wise. Size does not matter to them, they are number 1 in Utica Shale in Ohio. They have the top spot in wells drilled and producing wells. 431 and 363, respectively.