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Leaking Information

Bloomberg just published an article about an invisible spill that is happening in Southern  California.

Come over to the Dark Side

No not that Dark Side, we are talking about the dark side of fracking. Even though fracking has been proven safe, there still are some side effects. Some are more harmful than others.

Chesapeake has some explaining to do

With all the news that has been happening this week, you might have missed this piece of information.

Could fracking have prevented the Iraq War?

Besides the “weapons of mass destruction” that were supposed to be in Iraq there was another huge motive to get in there. Oil. We were between booms and relying heavily on foreign oil. & who had the cheapest lifting cost? Iraq did.


Ohio vs. Nexus - Update


We have a update on the Nexus Pipeline courtesy of Fox 8 News. So it seems this pipeline is still on track. Do you think it will be derailed like Keystone or keep moving? Let us know!


"A Craigslist-type Marketplace For The Oil and Gas Worker?"

Canton OH- With the current downturn in the oil and gas marketplace, many workers find themselves without a job in the short run. Most of these workers have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the "tools of the trade", namely fire-resistive clothing known as Frackwear.