Vice President of Safety & Health

Hornbeck Offshore
Covington , LA


The Vice President - Safety and Health (S&H) leads the strategy for Company-wide leadership and management of the S&H programs and processes. Responsibilities include the development of S&H policy, procedure, and operational guidance that will enable an effective culture of workforce behaviors toward safety, industrial wellness and health, incident prevention, regulatory compliance, and performance outcomes that engages the connection of the workforce to the company and its culture, that protects the loss exposures of the Company, and enhances the reputation and service delivery of Hornbeck Offshore with its customers, its regulators and the community.



The Vice President - S&H reports directly to the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The Vice President - S&H has direct supervisory responsibility for the Director(s) of S&H and other sub-division managers as may from time to time be assigned. The Vice President -S&H will have at his/her disposal the services of the Engineering Department, the Maintenance and Repair Department, the Fleet Personnel Department, the Purchasing Department, and the Fleet Training Department.



Authority of the Vice President - S&H shall be as directed by the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and according to Company policies. Executive and monetary approval authority shall be per Company policies and as otherwise authorized on a project bases.



The Vice President - S&H shall have those supervisory responsibilities outlined in Section II above and as otherwise directed by the Chief Operating Officer.



Functions shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

- Provide visionary and strategic leadership of the Company's, safety and health programs, with emphasis on developing step changing results in each area.
- Act as one of the principal external and internal facing spokespersons and advocates for the Company's mission towards delivering on its mission with regard to S&H.
- Develop or modify appropriate key performance metrics to benchmark and measure S&H performance over time.
- Provide reports, trends, analysis, subject matter expertise and recommendations for critical safety decisions and solutions to address any deficiencies, gaps, or opportunities for improvements.
- Improve methods for risk identification and assessment and provides recommendations for risk mitigation and acceptance.
- Budgetary responsibility, including planning, monitoring, and accountability.
- Conduct periodic site visits to monitor and assess the execution of the S&H policies and procedures.
- Serve on the implementation team for any mergers and acquisitions opportunities that so require S&H integration.
- Coordinate closely with and support the operations management team to make certain that programs, processes and initiatives are deployed in a manner that promote effective prevention, protection and compliance, as well as establish or - maintain best practices, program consistency and regulatory compliance among all global operations.
- Partner closely with all S&H leaders in the development and implementation of S&H policies, procedures, programs and staffing that will facilitate an effective safety culture focused upon workforce behaviors that result in incident prevention, performance improvement, and regulatory compliance. While these elements will need to be fit for purpose relative to the varying client work scopes and industries, regulatory requirements, and cultural variances within different regions, the - -- Company's S&H standards for each region will be maintained in a manner that is consistent with the primary policies and principles of Hornbeck Offshore's overall S&H platform.
- Support the Company's risk management, quality, marine assurance, and environmental compliance processes and business continuity team efforts to provide a central point for information management and communication, resource management and response coordination.
- Provide or coordinate direct S&H resource support as required due to S&H incidents, compliance-related challenges, performance that is below expectation, investigations and corrective action initiatives, and helping resolve technical issues and other challenges that can negatively impact effective incident prevention.
- Work directly with the senior executive and operations management teams generate step change cultural evolution in prevention, protection, and compliance for all constituents.
- Ensure processes are compliant with applicable standards and monitor S&H performance and benchmarks against the industry.
- Keep current on S&H regulations, accepted standards and reporting requirements, and evaluate their effect on operations.
- Interface with clients, subcontractors, regulatory agencies, and industry associations.